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 Member payments
How will I know if you received my payment? How quick is it?
We receive information that you have made payment immidiately
after you submit payment, and when you click on the button
Continue in the payment provider window you are returned on the
site already as a premioum member. (When you pay at paypal,
sometimes they delay the notification to us and the system turns
you on a bit later, but not later than 30 minutes.

I'm trying to renew my premium. How do I do that?
When your premium membership has expired, the Upgrade button
will once again appear on the menu.

Am I deleted when my premium membership expires?
No, you can stay Standard member as long as you want.

What credit cards do you accept?
We accept all types of credit cards from members all over the
world. If you have problems with credit card processors (your card
is not accepted by them, please contact us for a new credit card

My card keeps getting rejected. Now what?!
Our payment providers are ones of the largest one in the world and
we rely on them to either accept or deny your credit card. Denials
are totally out of our hands. But please, contact us so that we can
send you to our another payment provider and see if it is accepting
your credit card.

What name will show up on my credit card statement?
When you receive your credit card statement, we will appear as the
Dating and Matchmaking, Inc.. Please make a note of this entry, in
order to avoid confusion during bill paying time!

I became a premium member, but still cannot e-mail freely!

If you can't email freely and you know for sure you have submitted
your payment properly and you credit card has been charged,
please contact us immediately.
We truly want you to have a great experience on our Web site and
we will make every effort to make right by any member.

I accidentally became a premium member twice. Now what?
If you accidentally submitted a premium membership payment 2 or
more times, we want to know immediately, in order to find the
solution to this. Simply contact us and we will make it right.

Can I get a refund for time not used on your site?
It's very clearly stated in our agreement that we do not refund any
time remaining on a premium membership.
Why? Because that would be one way for a few less desirable
members to only pay for a day. There are no tools at our disposal
to refund unused premium membership time. Sorry!

Do you have my credit card information?
No, we prefer not to do it. We found the well known and trusted
payment providers that help you make payment on the site.