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Do most Russian women work?
Yes, they are. The thing is not in only financial necessity and the
wish to have financial independence, but also in the necessity to
see fulfilled their potential abilities. Russian women as the women
in developed Western countries want to have education and find
the work that they will like. Some of them have their own
business and profit that is equal to men's. All the same, almost
any Russian woman dreams that her work to be a way not to earn
for life but an interesting and amusing hobby.

Do Russian women prefer older husbands?
It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously. AS a rule, a
man in a Russian family is older than women for 2-8 years. There
are women who prefer men of the same age. There are more
common goals and interests with such man. Women-leaders
prefer men younger than they as it is easy to be the head in such
family. But there are those women who are looking for a man
much older than they. These women want to see near them not
only a man who can provide for a good financial level, who has
achieved something in this life, but also a wise 'father' support and

Why are Russian women looking for a husband abroad?
One of the main reason why Russian women are looking for a
man abroad is that Russian men do not want to take
responsibility and build family relationship. According to
statistics, for each 5 Russian women who want to marry there is
only one man who wants to marry. Also the question of
fatherhood is very acute in Russia. Most men in Russia do not
want to live with their children and to receive real money for
upbringing their children according to Russian laws is practically
impossible, That's why women, opposite the popular opinion, look
abroad not prosper life but possibility to create a normal family
and grow children.

Do Russian women make good wives?
The notion "good wife" , I doubt, depends on the nationality. It is
more a queston of individual compatibility and adequacy of mutual
demands. But, nevertheless, Russian women have two big
advantages in comparison with Western women. First, most
Russian women put the family higher than their business and
career. They can value a man who can create stable family and
really be a father to his children. The second advantage is that
Russian women are more open and ingenious in showing their
feelings and wishes, including sexual.

Are the Russian women religious?
After 70 years of atheism it would be difficult to call Russia a
religious country. At first, all manifestations of believing in God
were prosecuted, then, during the time of Perestroyka, most of
population went from one extreme to another. A wide number of
sects and congregations appeared- from pagans to Mormons.
Now Russian people are tried to impose Russian Orthodox
religion but not too successfully. But ignorance of religious rituals
does not mean that they do not believe in God. Many Russian
women believe in God, though they do not attend church.

What is the difference between Russian women and
Western women?

If to go to this question from physiological point of view, there is
not difference. But there are mental distinctions. If a man who live
in the West and who has a family, children and wife, has often
higher status of credibility and rating than single men, in Russia it
is more related to women. That's why Russian women try to
marry and retain their husbands almost at any cost. Russian
women also do not try to compete with men in business and
prove their independence. Visa versa, they look for a strong
husband who could support and protect them.

Are the girls in your catalogue real?
Yes, all the girls on this site are actively trying to find a foreign
partner for marriage or a long term relationship, we only list the
girls who are actively looking for a partner. We know many the
girls personally. We guarantee that the girls with high level of
credibility are real. But all other girls were checked rather deep
before they were activated on the site (that's why we activate only
about two thirds of women who register.
Will it be difficult for a Russian woman to adapt to a new
style of life?

The ability to adaptation does not depend on nationality, but on
the peculiarities of the character. There are women for whom any
even insignificant changes in their life become serious stress. But
they as a rule can't make up finally their mind to leave Russia,
each time finding for this different excuses. For those, who does
make up their mind, adaptation is just a question of time. Of
course, there are different things that help a woman to adapt to
live quicker- make her not stay at home but do something
outside, go to different courses (driving, language, some
profession), invite friends home, go from time to time together to
Why choose your agency and not another?
Nothing against other people and other agencies but we can only
control ourselves. We think that the reason to choose us is
because we always ask ourselves how can we be better and how
we can we be different. There are many reasons but here a few.
We work with you intimately making sure you are never alone in
the process by being your advisor and friend.
We are always here for you, from the registration and first letter to
Visa, Vows and happily ever after.
We are brutally honest. Because we care about both you and the
girls we will always protect both your interests. Want to wear
rose-colored glasses? Then choose someone else. Want the
truth in order to build a lasting, true and loving relationship then
we know we can help.
We do not work with profiles posted by agencies though they
write to us at least once a week with different offers. It is profitable
for agencies that receive money for each letter that a client reads
or sends to make fake women and fake letters. That's why we do
not want them on this site. We have more than 9000 women in
my database. They have computers at home or very few of them
(about 3 percent) go to Internet cafe. The cost of internet cafe is
rather little (half a dollar for an hour) and it is not a problem for
The main hinder is 1 lack of good English of many women. That's
why we have online translator on our sites. Yes, it translates not
perfectly but you can understand the meaning and the woman
can understand your meaning. 2. Many women have to pay for
the traffic that's why video and audio messaging is not always
possible for a woman. We do a deep checking of all women on
the site (in fact, only two thirds of all women are activated (the
membership is free for them), all other are from scammer groups
or extremely suspicious). And we check the site regularly. But
the main problem that we face is that as we do not write from
women's name any letters (though we advise men and women to
be more active) men expect as on other dating sites just to
register and wait for women to write to them. And oops.... they
can find rather few letters from women. Russian tradition says
that men should be the initiators of the contact, many western
men also came to this strategy -and just wait. So both parties sit
and wait. Men who are active and write find their ladies rather
quick. But what to do with others is a question.
What is the secrets of getting responses?
The trick is not only to get responses, but to get enough
responses to give you plenty of choices. How many letters must
you write to find Your Only One? There is no definite answer. One
man can write 1 letter and fall in love with the perfect mate,
another guy can send 50, and all his correspondence will
inconceivably stop after 2-3 letters. The result completely
depends on you and the efforts you put in.
If you are good-looking, you will get more responses than if you
are old and ugly, it is just natural. Don't choose women who are
too young, and you will ensure that you'll get some responses.
Some men do get a 100% response; again, it depends highly on
The first letter is the most important and you must ensure that it
will be special. There is no second chance to make a first
impression. Your letter must be interesting to read. Good humor
is the best way to make reading fun but don't be a clown. Never
make jokes about the girl's appearance, her English, etc. Better
to laugh at yourself than to laugh at her.
As you have on our site a good profile, you can just show your
interest to the girls, show you as interesting person and all the
details about you ahd your picture she will read in your profile.

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