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Anti-scam policy
Anti-scam check. We do our best to check the background of all
women before our managers add them to our site. Forgive our
boasting, but we have become experts at spotting the "bad
A free online translator
The online translator allows you to understand each other even if
you do not know each other's language. But be careful, think
clearly when you write and try to write simple sentences. Check
the spelling of all words and check your punctuation! The
translator will only create a correct translation if the letter is
clearly written, and even then it will sometimes make mistakes.
Don't immediately assume that the person you are
communicating with is being intentionally obtuse if they fail to
answer specific questions or don't reply to specific comments. It
is possible that the translation was not entirely correct and that
they chose not to address it because it did not make sense.
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Check out the newest photos. Perhaps your lady is waiting there.
Each day approximately 1000 new photos of Russian ladies are
Match me?
Are you afraid of a negative response or are you reluctant to take
the first step? - Use 'Match me'. It is easy and quick and will
allow you to find compatible people ! But you will need a photo to
participate here.
Birthday lists
Don't know how to start a conversation with a lady that you find
interesting? - use 'Birthday lists' (open the Birthdays list and send
congratulations to the women you like.)
New girls list
Can't find your love among visitors to the site? There are 200-300
new ladies added every day, all of whom have their identity
carefully verified.
Deprived of attention list
Do you want to see the ladies who are coming to our site in hope
of finding attention but are not receiving letters (their lack, your
opportunity)?- use our 'Deprived of attention list' of girls to find a
lady that appeals to you and send her a letter.
Psychological test
Psychological test to help you find a person that matches you.
Chat (from any computer and any mobile device (iPhone, iPad
and Android ready))
"Who seeks me" Search
Not sure if your age is OK for women?- use 'Who seeks me"
'Who viewed my profile' list
It is always interesting to see who is attracted by your profile and
photos, how popular your profile is and how many users pay
attention to it. Do not forget to send messages to the visitors of
your profile to thank them for a visit. Remember, that it might be
the first important step of a rewarding dialogue with this person.
Our additional services:
Flowers delivery
From the profile of the lady to whom you wish to send flowers,
just click on 'Send a Gift'. Choose the preferred bouquet and
place your order. Please contact Support if you would like to send
a gift other than flowers, and tell us about the gift that you would
prefer to send and the destination(the city).
Professional translation of your letters
You can order a professional translation of your letters to ladies or
their letters to you. Click on the link 'Professional translation'
under the letter that you want to translate.
Professional translation
Professional translation of long answers on your page to English
or to Russian.
Personal Search
Personal Advisor will help you to make requests for your perfect
lady, then make a list of ladies that match your criteria and
whose criteria matches yours. If you approve the list, your
personal advisor will contact the ladies and introduce them to you.
In the Member's area you'll find another additional services for
Premium Members.
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