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 Photo contest
I want to add my pictures to the photo contest. How can I do

After adding your photos to your profile, you can see the sign
above them that they are waiting for manager's approval. After
they are approved, you can add your photos to the photo contest.
Go to My profile at the menu bar and click on the photographs
link. Near each picture you can see a button
Send to a contest . Just click on it and your photo will be sent to a photo contest.
I want to put my photo to another photo contest, but I am
prompted to send a photo not to the contest I want. How
can I do it?

When a manager approves a photo, she specify the photo contest
where this photo can be placed. Sometimes we have about 500
photos to approve a day and a manager can make a mistake.
Contact the manager with the request and then upload the picture
one more time, this time if the picture is appropriate for the photo
contest it will be approved for it

How many pictures can I put to the photo contest?
You can put 3 photos to the photo contest each month. There
can be only 3 photos at each contest at all. So if you want to put
other photos there, please delete previous (they won't be deleted
from the top-100 of previous months if they are there).

Why do you limit the number of photos placed to the photo

We have to do it because of misuse by some users. They placed
photos to the photo contest, then wait for other users voting, then
deleted the photos and again placed it to the photo contest and
this was made many times. It was done so that they could be
always the first for other users to vote. We have to limit it then.

How can I see where my photos are in the photo contest
and what rate do they have?

When you login you come to your home, near your picture in the
middle you can see different links, one of them is My photos in
contest, click on it and you will see your pictures that at present
are in the photo contest and the rate they have
Can I vote for my pictures?

You can but it won't be taken in during the calculation of your rate
Since I put my photo to the photo contest I began to receive
notification to my mailbox about users who put my picture
the highest mark. What is it?
Do the girls whose picture I
evaluated at the highest mark also receive such notification?
Yes, if you picture was put the highest mark (10) in the photo
contest, then you receive notification about you with the name of
the user. And the same goes on on the other side. When you give
a picture the highest mark the person receives notification about
it. It can be a good way to begin communication.

How many photos at the same time can be at one photo

Three photos. If you want to put other photos, you can delete
previous ones, and place there new photos. You can do it once in
a month (as there is a limit to putting the photos to the photo
contest, you can place only 3 photos in a month).