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 Saving my Friends
What good is adding someone to my Friends?
Adding other members to your Friends list is a way to quickly
locate them without using the Search by login feature. Also the
person whom you add to your friends is notified about your
interest and it is an easy and stress-free way to begin
communication. In the gallery of your friends you can always see
statistics: how many messages you have sent to this user, and
how many messages you have recieved from this user.

How do I add someone to my friends list?
You can add someone to your friends from the list (gallery) or
from his personal page. You will see button
Add to my friends. that you need to click. The button will be substituted to the button Drop from Friends
How do I delete someone from my friends list?

To remove another member from your friends list, simply click on My friends list in the smart Searches and click on the button
near the desired member
Drop from friends and the member will
immediately be removed from your Friends list.