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How do I search for other members?
After logon to the site with your member login and password,
click on
Search on the menu and insert all the criteria you want
and click on search. You can also begin browsing the profile
immediately, insert the age of the person you are looking for in
the middle upper box in my home page and click Search Also
you can use Smart Searches from your home page. The smart
searches can show you the list of users who are compatible to
you, new users, users who are looking for you.
What's the logic behind the search results order?
It's all about active, fresh faces! The search results are ordered to
give you the mix of profiles, based on a member's login activity in
the personals. You'll find the members who have been active on
the site most recently. This increases the likelihood of getting
responses from members who are actively using the personals.
Men are also in the order of their membership (first Gold members
from most active to a bit less active, then Silver members, then
Standard members.
How do I search for new people?
After logon to the site, click on New users link in the smart
searches. After a list of new users appear, specify the criteria in
the panel on the left.
Though we recommend to look through active members that
appear at the top of any search, they are serious and really want
to find to find somebody special on the site.
What is the order in which all members are appear on the
pages of the site?
Whenever you perform a search on our database of members, all
members who have most recently logged on always appear at the
top of all lists. Men appear in the following way: first the most
recent logged on Gold members, then all other Gold members in
the order of the last visit of the site, then Silver members in the
same order. Then Standard members are seen in the order of
their last visit of the site. Women appear always in the order of
their visit.
How can I search for members who are looking for a person
like me?

Logon to the site, and click on People who want me in the Smart
Searches list near your profile on home page.
I'm trying to search by login, but it's not working!
In order to search by login, you must be very specific with the
login name, although this feature is not case sensitive. If you are
trying to find a friend by login use the part that you are sure of, for
example, you remember that the part of the login was 724, and
her name Natalie first. But Natali can be written in several ways,
so it is better to write 724 in the login field, and click on the
person you are looking for.
How can I see what members are active and what members
who are not?
We try to have on the site only active members, members who
are really interested. Members who were on the site recently you
can see in the top of all searches and you can see in the list
when they were on the site the last time. But it does not mean
that when it is written near the profile "He/She is waiting to hear
from you, that this member is not active, in many cases it means,
that he was not contacted by anyone interesting on the site, and
so waits to receive notification about your message to him/her
and become active again.
In Smart Searches at my home there is a search Who want
me. What does it mean?
If you click you will see all people who want to meet a person like
you, they written in their criteria to the partner exactly your
In Smart Searches at my home there is a search Who
answer my criteria. What does it mean?
We look at your criteria to the partner, and then search a partner
who answers completely this criteria and then you have the list of