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 Security and Privacy
Will you ever use my private information to send me junk

We don't abuse our relationship with our members , we do not
sell their private information to third parties.

I use a computer at work or in a public place. Is this safe?
If you use a computer in a public place or where another person
has access to it, please make sure you log off each time you are
done using our site. If you practice this thing, it should be
perfectly safe to use a public computer to access our site.

Someone is harassing me. How do I get them off my back?!
If anyone spams you or harasses you, we want to know
immediately. Please contact us and, if found to be harassing, the
member will be deleted right away!

Is this site secure and safe to use privately?
Yes, all the passwords are kept in the encrypted way and no
credit card information is kept on the site. We use reliable
payment world provider to accept payments online.

Do other members know my e-mail address?
At our site, we take your privacy seriously. All communications
are sent to, and received by, your profile name. When you initiate
or reply to communications, the person receiving your
communications only sees your profile name. Additionally, when
someone adds you to his/her "Friends list" window, it is your
profile name that is added and displayed. Your e-mail address
remains unknown to other members until you choose to disclose
that information.