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 Sending and receiving messages
How do I send another member a message?
You can freely send a message to any number of ladies. To read
messages sent to you,to reply to them and continue
communication you need to have Silver or Gold memberships.
Premium memberships are very inexpensive and are available for
$3 per month ($39.9 Silver membership for a year), $29.9 (Gold
for a month), $33.3 per month ($99.9 Gold membership for 3
months), $16.60 per month ($79.9 Gold membership for half a
year) and $8.30 per month($99.9 Gold membership for a year).
Unlike other sites when you subscribe to Silver membership or
Gold membership for 1,3,6 or 12 months we won't keep charging
your credit card once your premium membership expires. If you
do not wish to renew, you won't be forced to delete your
membership - we do not have any recurrent billings.
How do I respond to someone who added me to friends?
When someone added you to friends, our site automatically
sends you a notification and places a similar e-mail message in
your inbox on this site. You can either add this member to friend
or initiate contact by sending him email or ice-breaker or other
kind of message.
I received notice that I have e-mail, but it's not in my inbox!
If you receive a notice that you have e-mail and it's not in your
inbox , it can mean either the member has since been deleted or
he deleted the message to you himself.
If we find that a member is spamming people, sending harassing
e-mail messages, we delete them and their mail instantly. Also, if
a member deleted the message to you himself, you won't find it in
your inbox. It was designed to protect you, our members. You will
see in your mailbox a deleted message and it is written why it
was deleted.
Some person is spamming me or trying to sell me
something. Help!
If anyone spams you or harasses you, we want to know
immediately. Please contact us and, if found to be harassing, the
member will be deleted right away!
I accidentally deleted an e-mail message. How do I get it
Unfortunately, for security reasons, there is no way for us to
recapture deleted mail.
Is there a time limit for typing my e-mail message?
Yes. If we don't hear from you for 3 hours (if you have clicked on
another Web page, etc..), your logon session will timeout. If you
were to submit your message to the e-mail sending page, it will
not know who you are and will not accept the message.
How many e-mail messages can I send?
As a Gold or Silver member, you may send as many e-mail
messages as you like, just as long as they follow our Terms and
Use Agreement rules.
How do I know if a member has read my e-mail or not?
After sending an e-mail message, it will appear in Sent box. If the
member has not read the message there will be a red heart near
the letter.
How will another member know if I e-mailed them?
When you send a message to another member, we immediately
e-mail them at their "real" e-mail address to inform them they
have a message waiting from you at our site.
Be patient after sending an e-mail. Sometimes it takes a while for
other members to get back online and check their mail. Some
members may appear to be ignoring you, but may simply be
traveling or on vacation.
Can I give other members my "real" e-mail address?
What you write in your e-mail messages to another member is
strictly your business (unless we need to investigate a
harassment claim).And we recommend men to take the women's
telephone number first and talk on the telephone first. Then they
have much less chance to fall victims to scammers.
Do you ever read my e-mail? Who has access to read my
The only time we would read your e-mail messages is in the
instance an investigation were to occur for misconduct on our
site, scamming, spamming or other illegal activity, or a clear
violation of our site's Terms and Use Agreement.
What if someone doesn't ever respond to my e-mail
If someone does not respond to your e-mail message, don't take
it to heart. Move on and have comfort in the fact that there are
millions more where they came from!
Can I copy and paste my messages?
Yes, you can use one message to send to many members (of
course, it can be a part of the email, and another part we
recommend to make more personalized.). Just first go to your
mailbox, create one or several templates (We recommend to give
them some meaningful names like my presentation, my city, so
that you can insert the templates to different letters. Below letter
there is a list of templates just find needed and click Paste. Then
make all additional changes, personalize it and send.
Is there a way for me to read the mail sent to me for free?
No, you will need to upgrade your membership in order to read it.
How much can I write in my message?
Messages sent in can be as long as you wish.
Can I send an attachment with my email?
Yes, you can send the attachments. Go down the page of your
reply and click on Browse and then Upload a picture.
How do I delete my email?
If you want to delete your mail, check the box on the right hand
side of the inbox opposite the letter that you want to delete and
click on 'delete'.
How can I turn off the notification of new emails on the site
(I will be out of town for 2 weeks and do not want my
regular mailbox to be full)?
You can change your email settings at any time by visiting the "I
want to receive emails about:" section in "My Account" settings
link on the menu.
How can I add attachments to my letter?
In your message (not quick message!) you can see the words
Attachments in the bottom of the page, click on the Browse and
find a picture (a file) you want to upload, click on it, and then click
on upload a photo. If you want to upload another picture, continue
the steps (browse, find, upload).
What is an ice-breaker and how do I send one?
An ice-breaker is one of messages you can send to any member
to get their attention. You can send an ice-breaker to flirt, say hi,
or to initiate a conversation. If you want to send a personalized
message, it is better to send an email.
To send an ice-breaker you can do in two ways. One way is to
send just from the profile of the person, choose from the dropping
down list of icebreakers. There are short ice-breakers. If you want
longer ice-breaker, click on the button Send an icebreaker ,
choose the icebreaker there and click send.
What is the difference between ice-breakers in the
dropping down list in the profile and the ice-breakers that
are on the separate page that I can see when I click Send
an icebreaker?
The ice-breakers in the dropping down list in the profiles of the
members are just some of the ice-breakers, they are placed in
the profile of the person so that it would be easy and quick for you
to send. They are short and easy to use. Some other
ice-breakers were placed on a separate page, they are a bit
longer. We recommend to choose ice-breakers personally for
each member you send them to.