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 Using online translator
I received an email in another language. How can I
translate it?

Use our free online translator. Open the letter in your mailbox,
then click on the Online translator (this feature does not work in
Opera Internet browser with high security). You will see the
message that was sent to you in the upper window of the
translator. find the direction you want the translation go (for
example, from English to Russian), and click Translate.

I want to translate the letter sent to me, but the Translator
does not translate all the letter but only part of it. What to

Yes, the translator has limited size of translation, it is about 1000
letters. so we recommend to take the first two paragraphs, then
copy and paste the next two paragraphs and in such way to the

I need to use the Translator but I can't. I see only the upper
window of the translator but not the part with translated
text. What to do?

This error happens in Opera Internet browser with setting set to
maximum security. Please make the security less or use the
Internet Explorer or Mozilla for working on the site.

Is using of Online Translator free?
Yes, it is free, even Standard members can use it.
Can I use Online translator to write letters?
Yes, you can. Click on Send a reply button in your mailbox, in
the upper part of the letter you will see the link Online Translator.
Write your message here, translate it to the language you want,
and then copy and paste to the letter.