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 Ways to show your interest to other members
How can I show interest to other members?
To show interest to other members you can either add them to
friends, send them a wink, send ice-breaker, send a postcard or a
message. You have a choice and can find method that works for
you better or a method that works for the specific member better.

What is the "My friends list" feature? How do I use it?
Your "My friends list" is a list of members whom you are
interested in. It maintains a link to their profile page. When you
are browsing the listings, you will notice that every profile has a
button on it that says, "Add to friends". Clicking on this button will
add that member to "your Friends" list. You can later remove
people from "Your Friends list" list by clicking on the "Drop from
friends" button on their profile.

How do I send a Wink to let a person know I'm interested?
Send a Wink by clicking on the "Wink!" button on a member's
profile. They'll instantly know you'd like to know them better.
Can I send winks to all the members that I have interest in?
Yes, sure, it is easy and stress-free way to start communicating
on the site. You can send winks from the list, and then see who
was interested in you, and concentrate on them. You will see that
some users decided that they do not want to receive winks (or
ice-breakers) and these buttons in their profiles is grey. They are
waiting for a message from you.
I want to send a bouquet of flowers to my lady. How can I
do it?
Click on the button Send a gift in your lady's personal page and
choose the flowers you want to present to her on this day. Please
write in the comments the words that you want to be attached to
the present.
How can I send a postcard.
There are two ways to send a postcard. Click on the button Send
a postcard in the member profile, and look through different
sections. You can send just directly from there or if you want to
send this postcard more than once add several postcards that
you like to your favorite and send from there.
What is a "Wink"?
It's a fun quick way to let someone know you're interested in
them. Just click on the "send a wink" button on the person's
profile. When someone "winks" at you, you'll receive the "wink
message" in your e-mail box. But Russian women prefer you to
write to them.
How can I use Send video/audio message feature from the
Click on it, get ready to record the message you want (turn on
your camera and your microphone. Click send. You can look
what was recorded in your Sent box. If the system does not have
access to any cam or mike it will write it.