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From The Photo - The Girl's Character?
Is it possible to identify girl's nature at the first gaze? Is there a
possibility to figure it out using only a photo? Person's nature can be
clearly seen in his or her gesticulation and posture, movements or
the way he or she dresses. These details areeasy to notice at the
first meeting or in the photo. All the thingsabout a particular person
depend on each other, but an accuratediagnostics requires both
extended experience and observation and somespecial knowledge as
A face of pretty girl
well. I offer you a simple and explicit system that, despite its simplicity,really works.
Of course, it would not describe the whole diversity offemale characters but turns
out to be rather helpful when you want tofigure out main character traits of a
particular woman. You should imagine four geometric forms: circle (fig.1),
trianglestanding on one of its angles (fig.2), square (fig.3) and a wavyvertical line
(fig.4). Now imagine these forms in movement. Then youshould look at a particular
woman or her photo and decide which one of the four forms she resembles.
Women like that are rather roundish-featured, with plump shoulders andhuge soft
breast. They usually have an inclination to stoutness. "Round" women are not so
delicate in their appearance, their movementsare emasculate and the voice is mild.
They are rather sociable andunaffected but are disposed to laziness and
unpunctuality. You should not play "cool" if you want to attract such a woman.
You'dbetter be earnest and ready to work a few jokes in your speech. "Round"
women are indifferent to luxury but appreciate comfort. Theyare able to make house
warm and cozy and cook something delicious forfamily meal. They make good mothers
and easily manage with children.Their main advantage is their ability to love and
respect theirhusband accepting his leadership without any doubts. I also want to
prevent you from the typical mistake men usually makein relations with "round"
women. Despite their apparent easy-goingnessthese women are not as accessible as
it may seem. Thus, you should notthink of something bad when she talks to other
men with a gracioussmile.
"Triangular" women have athletic build with wide shoulders, narrowthighs, small breast
and brawny legs. They are energetic and mobile; their gestures are sharp, they have
up-and-down gate and loud clearvoice. They like to demonstrate their superiority and
would not missan opportunity to make a boast of some prestigious things.
Theirbehavior is often quite provoking. Women like that prefer those who are
successful and strong. You shouldtake on your best clothes and smoke cigarettes of
a famous brand toattract such a woman. Do not splash your money but let her know
thatyou obtain it. Play upon her jealousy attracting other ladies. In family life
"triangular" women are extremely exacting andambitious. They want their house to be
perfect and try to dress theirchildren in brand-new clothes. Such a woman as well
will demand muchfor herself. No matter how much you earn, it will always seem that
youearn less then it is needed. She will always compete with you for themajor part in
your relations and would not give you a chance to relax. A typical mistake for men
who deal with such a woman is an attempt toconquer and restrain her. Being tamed
"triangular" woman becomesboring. You'd better let her conquer you with varied
success. Thatwould long keep her interested in you.
"Square" women are remarkable for their absolute orderliness. Theyavoid bright colors
in dressing and do not like wanton hair-cuts. Theywill never swing their arms and
rarely will raise their voice. Theirshoulders are narrow, their thighs are deep and legs
are short. Theyare extremely polite with everybody and would never get late.
Theyrespect men for confidence and obligingness. If you want to attract such a
woman you should polish your shoes andiron your trousers. Be accurate, avoid
obscene jokes, pay no attentionto other women and you will succeed. "Square"
women make good wives being calm, reliable and tidy. Theykeep house well and know
how to operate with money. They can savemoney easily if needed and accept
temporary financial troubles withpatience. Such a woman will never betray you or
become unfaithful butwill require the same of you. A typical mistake for people who
deal with "square" women is tosuppose that they won't accept anything new. That's
not so. "Square"ladies also need some fresh emotions and events; they just do
notquite appreciate ad-libs. If you want to make her a surprise youshould first
discuss it with her.
"Wavy ones"
"Wavy" women tend to go from one extreme to another and change theirimage all the
time. However, you still can figure them out. Theyusually have oblongated
proportions, flexible body, their movementsare fine and mannered, their fingers and
face gesture are extremelybusy. They would repeat every their sentence in different
wordspolishing and enjoying it. They behave as if they are on the stagebeing both
actors and onlookers at the same time. "Wavy" women value intellectual and spiritual
refinement in people andappreciate things nonstandard. But, trying to make an
impression onher, do not get too far. First of all you should let her show her
ownmerits. A "wavy" woman hardly manages with family life. She has no interest
ineveryday issues. She requires constant attention, admiration and newexperiences.
She demands unusual clothes and superior make-up, thusyou will have to spend a lot
having such a wife. However, she willmake you a brilliant company in public. A typical
mistake for a man is to think that trying to attract hisattention a "wavy" woman
shows a kind of special respect for him. Supposing that she would not escape
anyway the man forgets to admireher regularly so she quickly finds another "admirer".
I want to put into your notice that dating site photos sometimes giveabsolutely
unnatural image of a person. Photographers and stylistsfrequently change
appearance of their client radically. So you shouldavoid paying attention to isolated
details and try to figure out thegeneral geometric form on the image of a lady. By
doing this you willseriously reduce a possibility of a mistake. Of course, this technique
cannot guarantee that your analysis will becompletely correct. There are several
other ways to distinguish awoman's personality, such as various psychological tests
the resultsof which we provide on our dating site.
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