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In the days of Soviet Union education in
used to be free and many Russian
tried to enter some university,
institute or college right upon graduating
from the school. Then there was a
popular joke. Russian abbreviation
"Institution of Higher Education", which in
Russian was "VUZ" (Vyschee Uchebnoe
Zavedenie), for women was supposed to
decipher as "Find a Proper Husband" (Viyti
Udachno Zamuzh).
Two girls talking. One of them is married.
Marriages between Russian girls and foreigners were rather uncommon then and
Russian girls would look for a good husband among
Russian men. Of course,
even then there were particular women in Russia who sailed the sea, headed
huge enterprises or gave themselves to science. However, that was rather
much of an exception than the rule. The most important thing for Russian
women has always been their family, children and husband, that is why they
preferred to take the job that would not require them too much time and effort
and would not divert them form their household duties. A career was rather a
men's prerogative and would always associate with men, although Soviet
ideology pretended that men and women are equal in their rights.
In the years of perestroika Russians began to adopt Western life style and a lot
of Russian women went into business. However, the reason for that was not
for their ambitions or native inclinations. In fact, due to a serious economical
crisis, that was taking place in Russia during perestroika, almost all huge
industrial companies and plants were run down and a lot of men, who had used
to be experts in their sphere and had always been paid well, lost their job.
They were no more able to keep their family, thus Russian women had to find
the way out.
In the course of time the situation relatively improved, but
Russian men, who
have already accustomed to the idea that the women are able to win their
bread at their own discretion, no more feel themselves responsible for family
wages. They are absolutely indisposed to burden themselves with children and
other family issues. For that reason nowadays Russian girls and women look for
foreign husbands. They believe that there are still some men abroad who are
able to dispense them with the necessity of making a career and can provide
them with the opportunity to engage in things they are most fond of. Still,
these things are their family, children and no one but their husband.
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Tags: Marriage