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 How to Crack The Code of Erogenic Zones?
In the beginning of its development, sexology
declared a technical approach that implicated
crucial importance of erogenic zones. However,
later on it was found out that the things are not
so simple as it may seem. Nowadays experts give
the higher priority to the psychological aspects.
When the woman is afraid of something, or has
some doubts or simply does not want to have sex,
no techniques will help. Moreover, the more
sensitive the quick is, the greater irritation and
tension will emerge if you try to stimulate it in such
a case. Nevertheless, it would be rather stupid to
reject the existance of erogenic zones, as long as
there really are some particular for the male and
female. However, their distribution is rather
individual. How can one localize them?
guy kisses the girl in the neck
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First of all, it is certainly possible to ask the woman about them, although many
people do not realize all their quicks. Therefore, it is necessary to search for
them with your partner's assistance using the cut and try method. You should
possess yourself and thoroughly observe any response to your movements,
caresses and touches. Listen carefully to every word of your partner and do not
object anything. It is important "to guess" not only the location of an erogenic
zone, but also the way of its stimulation.
Understanding comes with experience and such a process may take a long time.
However, there is a shortcut. In fact, all of us somehow stimulate our erogenic
zones. When we are nervous we do it almost unconsciously. Therefore, it is
necessary to watch every movement of the person, especially when he or she
touches his or her body. Then the erogenic code will become clear to you.
If the woman constantly licks her lips, touches them
with her fingertips or bites the pen, this points to
the sensitivity of her so-called oral zone. It does not
mean that she should be persuaded to have oral sex
with you by all means, however, a sensual kiss on
her lips will be an excellent way to make her excited.
Watch - and she will tell you everything herself
If she touches her ears and neck or strokes her hair, as well, it suggests the
sensitivity of the corresponding zones. Kiss her neck and blow gently in her ear
accompanying your warm breath with tender whisper. Women with sensitive
breast usually cross their hands on it. The pressure of this touch will help you to
understand what kind of caress she will appreciate, gentle or vigorous one.
The habit of crossing one's ankles and putting both hands in between the knees
points to the sensitivity of the internal surface of the hips and the zone of
clitoris. Stroke and kiss these parts of your lady's body and you will reach an
amazing result.
The manner of twisting about the chair suggests the sensitivity of the back
parts of the body, such as back and buttocks. Turn her face-down and massage
her back gradually from top to downward and slightly, as if unintentionally, touch
the area around her anus.
There is one more way to localize the erogenic zones. In
fact, we do not only stimulate our sensitive parts of the
body, but also protect them. Thus, the woman with
sensitive forehead and neck prefers to cover them with
her hair. A woman with erogenic zone in the area of her
hips would always wear jeans or slacks, while the woman
with sensitive breast never exposes it on the beach and
would not go outdoors without a bra.
There is one more way of "calculation" of erogenous zones
Finally, there is one more tip. When you have it for the first time with a
particular woman, give her the initiative for a while paying attention to the
caresses she makes and then just do the same! Actually, when we want to
please somebody we will usually do the things that would please ourselves.
Sex is able to heal of the flu and colds. Sex is rather better than the
Cosmetologist's room. In the course of study in Edinburgh Royal Hospital
the group of experts reviewed the people of various ages through
unilateral mirror...
The answer in my opinion is obvious. Who does not love it? And how it
depends on the belonging to some ethnic group? How is this possible -
not to love the sex? So I reasoned, from the position of an ordinary
Russian woman. But the questions continue to be asked by the doubter
Western men, apparently, they suggest a possible negative response
(what if they don't?).
Sex is on a par with domestic concerns. Yeah,  I wouldn't wish it on my
worst enemy. At this point, an unexpected sex should come to the
rescue. It is an unexpected sex can become...
Fomer prostitutes make the great wives. The girls, who grew up in
dysfunctional families, make good wives. Anal (oral) sex brings no
pleasure for women. Bright appearance and the yelling defiance in women
is a sign of sexuality.