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 I See, I Hear, I Feel...
There is an opinion that men love with their
eyes, while women do the same with their ears,
but, in fact, both of the statements are wrong.
Women, as well as men, are not all the same.
Some will consider most important the things
they see, others will most of all regard something
they hear, while the third will pay attention to
the things they feel and touch.
Imagine RAIN. Someone, probably, WILL SEE an
autumn landscape and drops on a window-pane,
the girl's eyes close up
someone WILL HEAR this word as the noise of water falling down on leaves, while
another person WILL FEEL the dampness in the air and the drops of water on his or her
skin and start shivering with imaginary coldness. When our associations are similar with
our partner's, it is rather easy for us to find the common language. But what if they
essentially differ?

Seeing is believing...
People who communicate with the world mostly with the help of their eyes prefer to
stand opposite to you during a conversation. They would watch your facial gesture and
constantly look in your face. If you avoid straight glances, they would think that you do
not listen to them. They love order and regard aesthetics as the main criterion of
choice. They lay special emphasis on their appearance. They spend a lot of time and
efforts to be in good looks and are ready to wear uncomfortable things if they are
beautiful or extravagant. They are very exacting about themselves and may easily
become a victim of their inferiority complex if their constitution is far from being ideal. It
is better not to touch their hands unless the situation is quite intimate, otherwise they
will judge these touches as familiarity.
Useful Articles
The "Seeing" woman is a responsible person. She is an excellent house wife. Her place
always looks perfectly clean. She prefers to take a dominating
position in family relationships and supervises each step of her
partner. Appearance is the main criterion of her choice, since she
loves with her eyes. If you want to attract her, do not let her see
you in untidy clothes and carefully watch your appearance.  She is
capable of wonderful love and passionate sex, but in such a relationships you should
show not only the initiative, but also demonstrate your imagination: create intimate
atmosphere and make a romantic performance for her.

I feel, therefore I am!
People, discovering the world through sensations, try to touch everything around. They
constantly touch themselves and everything at the reach of their hand. They seldom
look in the face in the conversation.Their eyes usually point at the floor, although it
does not mean that they do not listen to you. If they want to draw your attention,
they move closer to you and occasionally touch you, but these touches have nothing in
common neither with familiarity, nor with sexual advance. They are sincere and
open-minded, which sometimes can be regarded as a lack of good breeding. Their
manners and movements are relaxed; their clothes at times can amaze you with
inappropriateness and untidiness. They do not try to create an image and prefer
convenience and comfort to external lustre.
It is hard to expect neatness and accuracy from the "feeling"
woman, although her disorderliness is balanced out by her ability
to settle any conflict. Despite her laziness, she is able to do a lot
for you and does it with enthusiasm. The main thing about her is
not to put it as her liability and ask her about anything tenderly
and in a kind way. She does not pretend to be a leader in her
family but as well won't allow you to demand anything from her.
She is rather reserved in the matters of sex and prefers to have slow, long and
pleasurable lovemaking. She ignores erotic lingerie and other seductive attributes and
would rather do it naked and natural.

I hear music in my dreams...
Some people are particularly exposed to sounds. They lay stress upon the intonations of
a human voice. On the one hand, this allows them to notice the slightest nuances in
the moods of their companion, but on the other hand, it may cause a lot of problems
and conflicts for nothing. Their way of thinking is mostly non-standard. Their
magnificent intuition is accompanied with their uneasiness and suspiciousness. They are
withdrawn and timid and prefer to avoid noisy companies. They are always protected
from the roaring outside world by the headphones of their walky. They cannot sleep
when the clock ticks in the room, water drips behind the wall or cats wow in the street.
They understand music very well and quite often play some musical instruments,
although they cannot make it their daily bread and seldom become professional
A "Hearing" woman is fraught with controversy. She does not want to command, but her
uneasiness would not allow her to accept somebody else's authority without any
reservation. Money does not have a great significance for her, but natural flexibility and
ability to non-standard creative thinking allows her to make a good living.
She has no actual physical need in sex, but aspiring for the
approval of her partner, she quite well feels what he wants,
which makes her the most skilful mistress.
It is rather simple to attract her. You should control your
voice and prevent yourself from raising it and avoid anything
that produces sharp sounds, such as turning your TV too loud. The main thing about
such a woman is to say tender words as much as possible. 
When we are going to live in a foreign country for a long time, we try to learn the
language they use there. Each person is a whole world with different values and rules.
If you want your partner to understand you, you should try to speak in the language of
his values.
The people who say "truth and nothing but the truth" does not exist, we
all are lying about 200 times a day. Is it possible to identify a liar without
degrading validation of the data and the lie detector? Body Language