If a guy has lost one nut. Do not read
who lost his sense of humor.
Suppose that a guy has lost one nut... What happens next with men of different countries?
American will write a book: "Life without nut: everything is just beginning", the book will
become a bestseller. For the royalties from the book he will transplant a donor's nut.
Later on he will accuse the doctors that the new nut is not in harmony with his hair cut and
that is causing him a serious mental damage. For money obtained by a court decision he will
go to the Las Vegas. In Las Vegas he will meet the former owner of his nut and now
spectacular blonde Danielle. In Las Vegas Danielle is spending  money received from selling
his/her nuts. Since before the meeting they have already something in common then it's only
fitting that they should get married.
In a year the Hollywood will shoot a film about this ("Nutsless", are featured: Ben Affleck and
Cameron Diaz. Danny De Vito as the nut).
Chino will receive an award from the state for the combating fertility (bicycle). Immediately
after this he will also be fined for half solution. The second nut will be forcibly amputated.
The nuts will have been wrapped with gold foil, packed in a clay basket and sent to America
for sale under the guise of the Easter souvenir (9.95 dollars).
German will no longer be able to have a favorite food - fried hog's testicles. He more than
anyone else can sympathize unhappy animal. he will send five euros to the fund "For hogs
protection against the Culinary". He will stop watching favorite movie Rasputin. Meditating for
half an hour on the screen  with swinging full scrotum  would be above his forces.
Italian  will be in the seventh heaven with joy. He now can become a great tenor.
If such cases would be few, Armani will launch a new collection of exclusive underwear with a
reduced gulf.
The French will have fifty-percent more free time after losing one nut. To spend this time
the right way and not to get out of bed, he would become bisexual.
Englishman will be an occasion to think about by long winter evenings beside the fireplace
with his favorite tea and pipe.
African will breathe freely. He had to cart the nut after the bite of the tsetse fly. He will
start to dream about the time when he loses the second one.
Chukchee will decide to go in for dancing seriously. According to proverb a bad dancer is at
odds with his nuts.
Jew will buy a bicycle without seating. After all now he can save!
Ukrainian will lose sleep, every night he will be thinking about that every Muscovite has two
nuts, but he has only one. In this regard there will be the weekly debates in Verkhovna Rada
(Parliament) with turning to the U.S. State Department. U.S. State Department will say they
are sending rubber prosthesis. On this occasion there will be a two-weeks joy in the
Verkhovna Rada. In the end the U.S. State Department will not send the rubber prosthesis,
but no one would be longer interested in this after a convincing victory of the Ukrainian
diplomatics over the Muscovites.
Russian for a month will be drinking with grief. Then he will monthly celebrate with drinking
the day of the loss of the nut. Every anniversary will be celebrated with drinking bouts. In ten
years he will forget why he drinks, but still will not refuse the alcohol.
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