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Maternal Drive Of Russian Woman
Nowadays it is rather typical of the West and especially of the
United States when after the divorce a woman leaves her children in
the care of her ex-husband. She may absolutely forget about their
existence since they are supposed to cramp her progress in the
matters of business and private life. There are also a lot of
marriages in Russia that end in divorce but the children mainly stay with their
. What is the reason for such a difference?
A woman with little daughter
For a long period Soviet ideology required veneration of the image of Mother Homeland
in Russia. Of course, there were much affected pathos in this cult but the idea of
motherhood has always been really significant for Russians. Despite the fact that
Russian women used to work nearly as hard as their husbands, children and all
household procedures were completely on their hands. That is why the children from
their birth up were much closer to their mother and after the divorce it was less
harmful for them to part with their father than with her. And mothers in Russia as well
have been always really tied up with their children.
A number of Russian men who leave their children with their mothers after the divorce
sometimes come to see them and occasionally even pay some nominal alimony to care
for them. However, very few of them want to live with their children after the divorce,
and for Russia it is considered normal. Lots and lots of
Russian women carry and bring
their children up all alone. It hardly ever happens so that the mother leaves her child.
Such a woman would be disregarded by the society. Nobody would agree to deal with
her, neither men, nor women, nor employers.
A Western man who dates a Russian woman sometimes fails to understand why she
refuses to leave her child in Russia in the father's care. But it should be accepted that
innate maternal drive and
Russian mentality would never let the woman leave her child
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