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Good Photo as a Way to Success
What thing first calls your attention when you look
through the thousands of girls at the dating site girls'
list? It is a photo, of course. If the photo fails to
attract you, I guess, you will never look at the
questionnaire and the girls do all the same. A Russian
proverb says "a good dress is a card of invitation".
Photo is a "dress" of your profile, the first thing that
one pays attention to. If you work upon this question a
little bit, your effort will be rewarded. A good photo
essentially increases your chances to find the girl you
are looking for. Here are several simple rules to achieve
Your photo should speak for you
Dating site photo is not the same as one in your
passport. You would never use it as an evidence of 
An energetic young man in the kitchen frying eggs
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your identity. The main purpose of it is to show your personality, your attitude to life
and the world around you. Looking at the picture of yours women also feel your
attitude to them. An emotional dynamic photo wakes curiosity in women and makes
them interested in knowing more about you. Try to avoid shooting angles that lack
movement and emotion. The worst thing you can do is to upload a driving license
photo on your profile.
Your photo should be of high quality
Imagine a person who comes unclean and rumpled for a business appointment. I
suppose, you would at least doubt that he is really interested in the issue, to say
nothing of doubting his professional skills and incomes. Watching a dark or blurred
photo, girls think the same of you, and all the more so since the first thing they see is
only a small preview of it. They consider that such a man does not want to have
serious relationships with a woman and decide it is better not to waste time on him.
There should be at least a couple of photos
Photos in your profile are meant to describe you and your life story in short. If there
are several of them they will manage to do it better than a single picture. Of course,
there is no use to upload a whole album of them including your photos as a child and
your year books. Four or five pictures will be just enough. By the way, when a woman
finds several photos in your profile she concludes that you regarded the issue of filling
in the questionnaire seriously and supposes that you are really interested in making a
good impression on the one who is supposed to be your wife., please!
It is not long since Internet services became popular in Russia; therefore Russian girls
are not so familiar with this way of meeting people and sometimes feel rather uneasy
and anxious about it. A photo of a man with a guileless smile will encourage a girl and
help her to get rid of her fears. She will feel gratitude to such a man, which can be a
good start for serious relationships.
Tags: Profile