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 Relations That Lead Nowhere
The bride in a wedding dress looks thoughtfully out the window
The statistics says that the most stable couples
are formed by people who had known each other
for a year or two before they got married. It
seems easy to understand what the
reason for
is, if the partners had not known each
other for a long time before the marriage. They
just did not have a chance to learn each other
well and created an illusionary image of their
partner according to some sketchy impressions.
Close contacts easily ruin suchlike images.
But what is the reason for the fact that two
people who had known each other for many
years before they got married fail to form a
successful couple? It seems, the longer you
know your partner the fairer is your perception of
him or her and your decision then is supposed to
be more considered, while your chances for
break-off are consequently smaller. However,
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events prove it is not so. The relations that got stuck at a particular stage can
hardly lead to happy marriage. Probably, one day they reach a certain limit at
which no one of the partners wants to develop them.
If you and your partner are living in the same country, both of you have equal
opportunities for break up, for ceasing or developing your relations. The
situation when a foreigner dates a Russian girl in the Internet does not provide
equal opportunities for that. Despite the Western men, who can afford visiting
Russia twice a year, the majority of Russian girls do not have enough money to
visit their groom in his place. Moreover, it is much easier to get Russian visa
then one of some other country, e.g. the United States one. That is why a
Russian girl has nothing to do than depending on the man's decisions and
Let's imagine this notorious situation from the point of view of a Russian girl.
She dates a man in the Internet. As their relationships develop, the letters
become more and more emotional and sincere. Finally, he comes to Russia to
see her after a year of correspondence. They spend several romantic days or
even nights together. She thinks that everything is going to be fine and expects
to get married soon. However, having returned home, her expected husband
takes his seat in front of the computer to keep on the correspondence at least
for another year.
What is she to expect and to do in such a situation? She loses herself in
conjectures. Is it she who somehow dissatisfied his wants or it is just because
he does not want to make family at all? Should she reckon upon him or it is
better to start her search for a husband once again?
A woman who was good enough to attract you may be as well appreciated by
some other man. She knows that full well and also has a right to choose. She
may continue waiting for your decision for a couple of months, but then she will
start to look for another ways of settling down her own family life. Thus, if you
really want to be with her, you should not linger with your relationships. Being a
woman, she expects you to act like a man. But if your meeting has shown that
she is not the one you would like to bind your life with, you should screw up
your courage and honestly tell her about this. Let her go! Do not make her
spend time waiting for you in vain!