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Russian Girls Use Finnish Army Test
Recently Russian girls often use the Finnish Army Test to determine what they can
expect from their guys in future. The test get more and more popular among Russian
girls who offer it to their guys under the specious pretext. Due to Finnish military
physicians Russian guys pass the exam for "love worthiness" even having no guess of it.
Thank you, Finnish Army!
The idea of the test is very simple. Recruit looks at the list and names the figure that
he can see within a circle. If he can see the figures in all six circles - he is healthy. If
the future soldier can not see the figures in several circles, he should be checked for
color blindness. And if the rookie can not see only one figure in a circle, then he may be
able to develop the following problems:
Circle # 1. The increased aggressiveness and conflictness. It is recommended to pay
more attention to contrasting shower, physical exercises.
Circle # 2. Reduced intellect capacity. When serving in the general troops the
additional action is not required.
Circle # 3. Gastonimargia (gluttony). Indicated - increased ration, more physical
Contraindicated - the sitting work and work in the kitchen.
Circle # 4. Sadism. If in mild form - it is recommended the appointment to teachers
staff, if in severe form - to the disciplinary department.
Circle # 5. The latent (hidden, suppressed) homosexuality. There is an opportunity of
uncontrolled attraction to people of his gender. No action is required.
Circle # 6. Schizophrenia. It is recommended a full inspection of the psychiatrist.
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I'll kill you!  :D

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hallo bin col man

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