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Russian Girls for Foreign Elderlings
A lot of men who try to find their soul mate with a help
of marriage agencies are afraid that the girls will just
make use of them and, roughly speaking, female
consumerism frightens them more than AIDS. Of course,
in the case of a marriage agency popular means of
protection will not help. Nevertheless, let's avoid
exaggerations and try to approach this complicated
issue, which is so painful for men, soberly. Whatever
you may say, the majority of men who use internet
dating services are not young boys.
However, they will demand someone young and
attractive to be their partner, as long as nobody wants
for this part someone
old and ugly. But attractive young
women draw attention of many men, including the
young and attractive as well.
What advantages can be demonstrated by a man who
is old enough to be a woman's father or even
grandfather to defeat his younger rivals? Certainly, if he
Very old man in glasses looks at you with suspicion
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obtains a mature sexual charm of Belmondo, gallantry of Sean Connery or the wisdom of
an Oriental guru, he may appear interesting. But, unfortunately, there is not so many
suchlike men, thus, the woman who binds her life with someone much older than she is
supposed to follow some particularly practical considerations. All reasonable people
understand this quite well.
For sure, everything has its limits. There are some women who think that their potential
partner in life should pay for their mother's rent debts, their adult offsprings and even
for their former husbands. However, it is quite obvious that the man is not supposed to
support woman's relatives. Men of declining years are often ready to pay for expensive
gifts and other feminine whims if they want to have a young wife or mistress. But it is
considered normal only if it takes place within one country. If the man faces a similar
situation in the international marriage agency, he will soon call it consumerism. What is
the difference?
In fact, Russian women by no means should be regarded as hungry
exotic animals who will follow you to the world's end for the promised
banana. Some years ago it was really a hard time for Russia. Many
people were desperate about the prospects of living there and used
any opportunity to leave the country. Then they used to be less
fastidious in their choices.
Russian women are not hungry exotic animals
Now the situation has changed. Of course, nowadays Russia is not the same as
developed Western countries, but earning your living is not a problem any more. Why
then should a young and attractive woman abandon her home and her friends to move
somewhere having no guarantees of her future happiness there? Therefore she tries "to
test" the potential husband to find out if he is ready to support her and her baby at
least for several years.