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 The Best is The Enemy of The Good
Searching through the galleries of the dating sites, men's eyes
soon grow tired of thousands of interesting beautiful girls. How
can one precisely choose his "one and only"? It is possible to rely
upon one's own tastes and intuition, upon the results of
psychological tests and recommendations of the Personal
Advisor, but still the choise will be quite hard. For this reason, a
lot of men and especially those of them who are extremely
particular in their preferences can hang in doubt for many years.
The guy is between two girls
As soon as the man starts regular correspondence with women and even arranges
the meeting with the one he likes, his eyes catch a photo of some other girl who
seems even more attractive. Thus, everything starts with a clean slate. As a rule,
suchlike men remain single spending all their time on endless search.
Useful Articles
There are many times more women than men at the
dating sites and therefore men may think that there
is an infinite possibility for their choice.   In fact,
attractive girls face no shortage in admirers even at
the dating sites. These girls would not agree to
waste their time on groundless expectations. That is
why lingering with a meeting would not play into the
hands of suchlike men.
Delaying contacting and meeting a girl does not benefit men
The compatibility analysis of the girl's psychological test results compared to yours
has a great significance if you want to gain harmony in your subsequent
relationships, but even ideal compatibility is only the half of success. It is we who
creates the other half after getting in touch in reality.
In a conclusion, I will quote a joke, which, I suppose, clearly reflects the situation.
Two already elderly men are talking:
Jack: Why are you still not married?
Bob: My entire life I was searching for the ideal woman.
Jack: So you still have not found her?
Bob: I did find her, but it turned out that she was searching for the ideal man.
Searching a life partner on dating sites, we often find ourselves in
the same position as a buyer in a huge store with a large
assortmentom. We face one and the same problem there - the
problem of choice...The clearest and simplest example, as well the
training of the ability to define your goals at the same time is
finding the necessary clothing for you.