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Russia is a country of paradox! And this is its regularity. (Leonid
Russian customs and Russian roads are too dodgy for the
Western mentality. In Russia, the shortest route between two
points is often a sinusoid.
Russian wife for 10 years goes all out to change the habits of her
husband, and then complains that he is not the same man she
got married.
Russians harness too long, but go quickly. (Otto von Bismarck)
Russia is the state which gained a victory over the mind. (Mikhail
Russians can not take, but know how to give. And, unfortunately,
give away.
Russia is the endless steppe, in the middle of which a rogue man
is. (Michael Zadornov)
Russia is the best motherland in the world! But the most absurd
State. (Mikhail Zadornov)
Suffer is easier than to create. All of Russia is Hamlet the drinker
(Fazil Iskander)
In Russia alone, one can study for free, have medical treatment
for free, and work for free.
If Russian girl put on a
mini skirt, high heel shoes and made a bright make-up, it means nothing. Maybe she is going on a trip to
the mountains.
Russians harness too long, but then go nowhere. Just harness
and unharness, harness and unharness. This is our special way.
(Grigory Gorin)
Russia produces an impression of a great power. And it
produces nothing else. (Akram Murtazaev)
We wanted the best, but it turned out as always. (Viktor
If you can see a light at the end of the tunnel, then you're not in
Russian reality: Russian magic word "please" is almost entirely
supplanted by the American magic word  "bucks". (Vladimir
In Russia, the rules are to be broken.
A man drinks tea. In the glass there is a spoon
Black guy running away from a hippo. Russian man with a baseball bat chasing a bear.
Two girls talking. One of them is married.
Women with children crossing the road at red lights.
Removal of an emergency.
In Russia, the rake is rarely used for its intended purpose.
To be happy
Congress of  Russian Women.
Grandfather and grandson celebrate a meeting at the table.
Two Russian girls activists For a healthy sex.
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