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Two girls talking. One of them is married.
*... I caught my younger brother of 10 y.o. with his
classmate. They, timed by the stopwatch, put on the
condoms... on a kitchen rolling pin...
(girl, 25 y.o.).
*... sometimes so badly
want to get married, it seems - I
would be ready to marry a janitor...
(woman, 46 y.o.).
*... I'm outraged with the ads from greenhorns looking for
older women. Had I the money, I would buy such
a full-grown male for me, however it is better to buy a fur
(woman 30 y.o.).
before the wedding, I've never seen my husband's
willie pinky, but in vain, I would deliberate on whether or
not to go marry this fishhook...
(woman 37 y.o.).
*...once I has slept like something stupid with a "new
Russian". What things had I not seen here in his
apartment. And I was finished off with his toilet, the
in my life I've seen a toilet with a silencer...
(woman 35 y.o.).
*...he sent me a photograph of his handsome brother in a
letter, and came on a date himself...
(girl, 16 y. o.).
husband for a long time did not agree for the child.
I took a thin needle and pierced right through the pack of
few condoms... Now we have a wonderful boy Sergey...
(woman 29 y.o.).
*...what the hardest thing is when doing
sex in a
? That's right! The most difficult thing is to
(woman 34 y.o.).
* adventure has been long ago. I even do not
remember what it was there, and what it was not...
(woman 61 y.o.).
* our village, as a main in the herd there is a bull,
horny very much. It would be all right if he pestered the
cows, but he already pursues the milkmaids... The
women in the
village are now not spoiled by the guys'
attention, and in our whole village only this bull does not
drink vodka. I do not know how it should be called in
scientific, but it seems to me that this bull will gain his
 (woman 44 y.o.).
*...I have long been working in a commercial kiosk and
watch how the men buy the condoms. If he buys a pack
of rubbers and a chocolate - he goes to his mistress, if a
pack of rubbers and cigarettes - goes to the wife, if he
buys only condoms - goes nowhere, just hoping for the
(woman 34 y.o.).
* guy wanted me to sleep with him. I did not like him
very much, and I did not have another guy. I decided to
stop him to sleep with me and poured a hot coffee in one
place, but it does not interfere them...
(girl, 18 y.o.).
* do not know how to care for women, and call all
the time in the bed. I can not go on at once: one must
know everything about each other and speak the words
of covenant love...
(woman 63 y.o.).
*...on my personal observations, the
blondes in bed
gently sigh, the brunettes moan, brown-haired are silent
like a fish and just goggle at the fisherman...
(man, 29 y.o.).
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