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 Which Photo Of Russian Bride Will Not Attract Your Attention?
 Imagine that you are looking for genuine Russian bride. You want to find a woman for marriage. Not for fleeting sex but for long-term
relations. What kind of girl's photo will sooner raise your interest as a MARRIAGE MINDED man? A man who seeks a future wife for
himself. Vote for the photo (not for girl but literally for the picture) which gives you smallest desire to meet the girl.
Choose the worst composition of photo!
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Russian Bride pic #10
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What thing first calls your attention when you look through the
thousands of girls at the dating site girls' list? It is a photo, of course.
 If the photo fails to attract you,  you will never look at the questionnaire
and the
girls do all the same!
A Russian proverb says "a good dress is a card of invitation". Photo is
a "dress" of your profile, the first thing that one pays attention to. If you
work upon this question a little bit, your effort will be rewarded.
A good photo essentially increases your chances to find the girl you
are looking for. But a poor photo can descrease them! Do not ignore
this fact. Learn
what makes your photo attractive for girls.
Tags: Profile
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