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Heat and a lot of beer.
A group of young people relaxing on the beach in Odessa accidentally filmed how a drunk guy tries to dress...
Three seconds.
Someone wants to be in great shape but a big belly brings the problem.
Singers girls.
Girls make fun! Try to count how many times the blonde turned her head.
Blob fun.
The guys decided to make fun of a girl who was prepared to make the leap from the blob. See what happen.
Funny tits.
Cutting from the Russian TV show "Blondes make fun"
Blonde carwashing.
Fat blonde is a blonde too. Decided to thoroughly wash the car.
The sign gave him back.
A guy (rare dunce!) decided to effectively  U-turn  the road sign. The sign gave him back.
Police U-turn.
Haul truck BELAZ-7530 the carrying capacity of 200-220 tonnes makes the police U-turn.
A woman at gas station.
Car. Woman. Gas station.
The history of mini skirt in Russia
How the mini skirts came to the country.