That's why  Simeon's wife now forgives him everything.
His wife loves him. And he is allowed much of what other men do not dare to dream. How is this possible? Long ago, Simeon came home at 2 am drunk as a skunk...
Funny Russian Videos
Funny tits.
Cutting from the Russian TV show "Blondes make fun"
Russian TV Online
Heat and a lot of beer.
A group of young people relaxing on the beach in Odessa accidentally filmed how a drunk guy tries to dress...
The sign gave him back.
A guy (rare dunce!) decided to effectively  U-turn  the road sign. The sign gave him back.
Drunk yoga.
This is how the Russian girls do Yoga. And how the Russian boys do the same.
Finnish Army test.
If the future soldier can not see the figures in several circles, he should be checked for color blindness. And if the rookie can not see only one figure in a circle, then he may be able to develop some problems.