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Russian Girls Nightclubbing
In Russia there are now as nearly as many
restaurants, bars and nightclubs as in the
West and
Russian girls and women also visit
these places, although still there are fewer
women than men. Emancipation is doing its
part in the West. Even a short time ago it was
mainly young men who attended night clubs
and bars regularly. However, nowadays you
can none the worse see women there. The
majority of them visit night clubs for some
other reasons than simply to meet a man.
Four young girls drinking cocktails in the bar
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They go there to dance, to have some drink and a nice chat. For this reason a lot of
amusement palaces offer free entrance for the girls and sometimes present every one
of them with a glass of champagne to maintain the balance between men and women.
Despite the effort expended in this sphere, the number of girls who attend places like
that is relatively small. In Russian they are called "hangouters". This is a special kind
of girls. It is rather unlikely to meet them at the
dating sites since they hardly know
how to use a computer and moreover sometimes can scarcely read and write. The
rest of the girls visit night clubs twice a year at most to celebrate some friend's
birthday or birthday of their own.
As a matter of fact, the majority of Russian girls who visit night clubs have some
other reasons to do that than their Western colleagues. Their purpose is "to pin
guys". Night clubs are rather expensive by Russian measurements and it is supposed
that you have a chance to meet a rich guy there. By all means, some of the girls who
hang out in Russian bars just want to play around or have a free drink, while the
majority of them cherish a hidden intention to find a husband there, since having a
husband is considered prestigious in Russia. As soon as they get married they lose
interest in attending night clubs.
Actually, there are few men in Russia who are capable of making a good family.
Moreover, not every one of those who are capable wants to make it at all. The
statistics says that for a single man who really wants to marry there are five single
women in Russia. If a Russian woman succeeds to find a proper husband she values
this chance a lot.
Married women in Russia attend night clubs, if ever, only for some
corporate parties, where they have to be, such as, for example, celebration of New
Year with her colleagues, or with her husband for some family occasion. Married
Russian women have other priorities and things to care about.